Application Process

Application Process



Interested participants are invited to review the terms and conditions before submitting their nomination.

Participants are requested to complete and submit the application form, together with any supplementary material by no later than Friday, 30th November 2018.  Participation is free of charge.

The MCA eBusiness Awards winners will be announced during an event to be held in mid May 2019. 

Important information 

Both the solution owner, as well as the solution provider/developer, will be awarded.

An individual/organisation/project can be nominated for the MCA eBusiness Awards either through direct application or peer nomination as follows:

  • Direct Application – An individual/organisation can nominate themselves (or the project they are leading) for the Award by filling in the Nomination Form.
  • Peer Nomination – An individual/organisation can nominate any other individual/organisation/project for the Awards. The details of the peer nominator should be disclosed in the Nomination Form.

All submissions must be made online following the procedure described on the application. All supplementary material must also be submitted on-line by the closing date of applications.

The Adjudication Committee will not evaluate projects unless all the mandatory fields indicated in the nomination form are completed.

Award Procedure:

The Award procedure is as follows:


STAGE 1 – Submission of nomination

Interested parties are to submit their nomination by the indicated deadline.


STAGE 2 – Eligibility check


All entries will be vetted by MCA staff to ensure that the submissions fulfil the eligibility criteria.  Applications that do not fulfil all the eligibility criteria will be disqualified and the applicant will be informed accordingly.


STAGE 3 – Adjudication

The adjudication committee, comprised of representatives from industry, and academia, will assess each eligible nomination to determine the winning solution in each category.

STAGE 4 – Award ceremony

The winning solutions will be announced during an award ceremony to be held in mid May 2019. Both the solution owner and solution developer will be presented with an award.