Mr Hadrian Sammut

Year: 2018

Hadrian is the Chief Officer responsible for Business Advisory and Information Systems (IS) projects with the local firm iMovo.  In this role, he specialises in Customer Experience (CX) Management and Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics engagements.

Hadrian has wide experience in the strategic analysis, planning and management of corporate information applications, as well as the specialised project management related to the implementation of on-premise and online IS initiatives.  He portfolio of clients spans across a wide range of local and foreign organisations, in both the public and private business sector.

Hadrian is a graduate in the field of IT Management and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Greenwich, in the UK.  He also holds an MBA in eBusiness from the University of Malta.

Hadrian is a keen bibliophile as well as a qualified librarian.  He serves as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta, where he lectures in the Analysis, Design & Management of Systems for Information Professionals.