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Zabbar Umbrella Installation

Y Limited - Haz-Zabbar Local Council

The Zabbar Local Council needed an innovative solution to promote an event they organised last year. The Umbrella Installation was born. The concept was chosen because of the umbrella-Zabbar feast factor and also because of an anticipated social media impact. The selected street provided a perfect frame for social media photos and allowed anyone to shoot photos which would include the length of the road, the umbrellas, reflections on windows and cars, shadows and the location of the event in one photo. The umbrellas were an instant hit on social media. The street was even used for pre-wedding photography, car photography, creative videos etc. Within a week the installation was featured in all news bulletins, news portals and newspapers and also in a variety of international photographic reports ranging from Singapore to Paris and Saudi Arabia. This was the widest exposure ever given to the City of Zabbar.

Kindness Doesn't Costa Thing

Costa Coffee

At Costa we love a cheeky experiment. We relish the chance to find new ways of making our customers happy in-store. And we also like to learn more about society at large... and that's exactly what we did in our last great-fun experiment at Riviera Beach. We wanted to find out if people like to be kind. So, we set it all up. Working with an actor on crutches who was trying to get down to the beach while carrying a picnic cooler in the swelter heat, we wanted to know: would people help him? Well, we were thrilled to discover they would! As captured on camera by Three Wise Men, lots of people took time out of their day to help our gent get up from the beach. Some supported him, and others helped carry the picnic cooler. It was a sight to behold, with so many people proving that kindness is something we are happy to share when we're given the chance. It's all about spreading positivity.

The Bubble - A Festival of Life

Growth Gurus - The Bubble NGO

350 Volunteers, 150 Artists, 5500 Attendees - that's 6,000 people that the Bubble and Growth Gurus brought together for this years NGO festival that generated over 120,000 smiles* and €20,000 to be donated to charity. The Bubble will sweep you out of the city and into a stunning natural environment in the region of Ghajn Tuffieha, immersing you in an atmosphere of learning, creativity, fun, relaxation, charity, sharing of new ideas and awakenings to what's going on outside your Bubble! One of the key aims of the Bubble is to raise awareness about sustainability and minimise the impact our daily activities have on our planet. All proceeds from the festival are donated to 4 inspirational charities. The Bubble is a festival that celebrates contemporary art and music with a special focus on positive awareness-raising events. * number of smiles shared is an estimation, all other numbers are real.