Finalists 2017

Best App



Owner: FreeHour Limited

Finding a common free slot to meet a friend on campus has always been a nightmare for students. The struggle of comparing timetables by hand has been an issue for students for so many years, until now. FreeHour solves this problem in a simple, time saving manner. Using its shared timetable solution, students can input their timetable, add friends and find out all the common free slots they share together. The solution also goes a step further by allowing students to create Study Groups by which the app automatically finds the all the available time slots thought the week for them to meet-up and collaborate. FreeHour also offer different features such as a dedicated Chat functionality, Lecture Reminders and much more, making it the go-to app for all students in college or University.


Owner: Vodafone Malta Foundation and the Paulo Freire Institute
Developer: BB Associates Ltd trading as Maltaserv

Iċ-Ċavetta is an app created by the Vodafone Malta Foundation and the Paulo Freire Institute, and developed by Maltaserv. It is essentially a Maltese literacy toolkit targeted at adults and youths facing social exclusion and employment challenges. The toolkit is structured like a course and contains a set of 32 interactive activities – starting off at an elementary level and becoming progressively more advanced – to allow the user to acquire basic reading and writing skills in Maltese. Iċ-Ċavetta is currently the only existing resource aimed at teaching basic literacy skills in Maltese which is specifically targeted at youths and adults. It is based on Paulo Freire Institute’s several years of work in the field of education and in helping adults with literacy. The overarching aim of iċ-Ċavetta is to be the key to employment opportunities, greater confidence and wellbeing and, ultimately, a higher standard of living. 


Owner: KickDish

In modern times, planning meals and getting groceries done is a tedious process. More than ever, people are aware of which foods are beneficial to their overall health and which foods aren't. More than ever, people are aware of which ingredients their bodies can stomach, and which ingredients they cannot. Couple this with both partners in families working, the convenience food industry lurking around every corner, rising obesity rates...and a national health crisis is imminent. KickDish helps in resolving these stress factors, by making the selection of tasty and nurturing meals super convenient. By partnering with Greens Supermarket, groceries can be ordered in-app so that meal planning & grocery delivery becomes a frictionless process.

Best B2B Application



Owner: Mi-C3 International Ltd

Mi-C3’s Affectli is a revolutionary IoT contextual collaboration platform, that supports the entire operational environment of organisations, people and things, including how these relate to those outside, and around the core: business, customers, vendors, suppliers, regulators and stakeholders. Affectli collects information from a myriad of signal generating devices, processes the data through its rules engine executing processes according to organisation specific processes or applications. The processes will entail tasks that are assigned to profile owners. The tasks are communicated in context within a communications platform that ensures the most effective communication amongst the participants is delivered - whether through live chat, structured forms, free text or including media and documentation supporting the successful completion of the task. The business is provided with situational awareness through Maps with live and drillable data represented in space and geo-location. The organisation is also provided with real-time and predictive Analytics that are designed and modified according to the organisation’s needs - giving the right person, the right information, at the right time, to react to and pre-empt emerging situations.


Owner: MaltaPost
Developer: Ascent Software

Ecommerce logistics activity has increased considerably over past years with both consumers and businesses leveraging on a global market to fulfil their purchasing requirements and selling aspirations. From offering shipping from stores in Europe, US and Asia which do not ship directly to Malta to providing 24/7 pick-up solutions through its Easipik parcel lockers around Malta and Gozo, MaltaPost opens a window of opportunities for those engaging in ecommerce activity. MaltaPost has now extended its ecommerce services to accommodate the aspirations of local merchants who seek to enter international markets. The service, eSeller, helps businesses administrative and logistical tasks by allowing for the easy labelling, pick-up and delivery of items to local as well as international clients. Through eSeller, merchants can now log into a portal, automatically calculate the cost of sending their items, pay online, and utilise a harmonized labelling system, reducing the need for esellers to label each product individually. Today businesses do not need to label their packages separately, queue in a post office to send the packages. 


Owner: Electronic Systems Design Limited (ESDL)

REACH™ is an energy management platform that creates a collaborative ecosystem to help organisations achieve energy and utility reduction. The platform can host all historical information on energy consumption and read meters and data points in real time to create ENERGY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (EnPIs) delivering visibility and clarity on expenditure and savings. Customised, focused and uncomplicated reporting on REACH™ enables energy managers to eliminate uncertainty on the consumption of utilities and identify the opportunities for improved performance.

Best eCommerce Site (B2C)



Owner: Fablab Valletta
Developer: Growth Gurus

A gift of empowerment through an eCommerce website that enables people to learn, make, invent and innovate in a collaborative and global network. With 1,200 FabLabs across 30 countries, only one owns an eCommerce website that provides the fundamentals to a customer-centric solution to enable anyone to fabricate their vision. That’s FabLab Valletta, by Growth Gurus. A FabLab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship. The new FabLab eCommerce website extends this brand mission to an online audience. It has dramatically streamlined the promotion, booking, scheduling, project management and client engagement in using our machinery, workspaces and tools. The platform features an integrated calendar that shows all the availabilities in real time and enables user-specified time slot bookings for each of our digital fabrication technologies, including laser cutters, 3D printers, VR headsets and workspaces. 


Owner: Lovin Malta

Lovin Malta has revolutionised the way advertising is bought, sold and consumed in Malta. Engaging almost 500,000 unique users every month, the news platform provides a one-stop-shop service to clients who want to get their messages across effectively, through the innovative use of Sponsored Content. Clients planning an advertising campaign can come to Lovin Malta for the best creative concepts and a massive reach. Lovin Malta operates a bit like a marketing agency, creating content for a client to a specific brief and budget. The only difference is that Lovin Malta designs content that is tailormade to work for its carefully curated audience of potential customers. This is done by maintaining a strong and unique tone of voice and understanding readers' needs, likes and dislikes. This all contributes to a highly effective e-commerce platform for businesses to reach the customers they want in the easiest way possible.


Owner: Malta University Language School
Developer: Seasus

The MULS web site provides extensive information to prospective students about the different types of courses provided, accommodation options, programmes and leisure activities. Users can also take an online test which assesses their level of knowledge of the English Language. The results of this test can guide prospective students towards which course is most suitable for them. The web site provides a comprehensive quotation system which allows users to calculate the exact costs involved with regards to their course, accommodation and related activities. Prospective students can then proceed to make their online purchase and payment for the desired courses. Considering the complexity of this booking process, which includes several different aspects from tuition availability and starting dates together with accommodation and leisure options, the main focus was to provide an easy to use registration and payment system.

Best eGovernment Initiative



Owner: Mater Dei Hospital
Developer: Cursor Limited

Text messaging has become one of the most used media in communication. Mater Dei Hospital has implemented CPASms, an electronic messaging system [sms], where reminders are sent to people with outpatients’ appointments through SMS. People are set to be reminded of their appointments 10 days and 2 days respectively prior to their hospital visitation. One of the biggest advantages of this system is the reduction of missed appointments. One-third of no-shows is a result of people forgetting about their appointments. In the first month of the system’s inception, the total number of missed appointments has subsequently been reduced by 11%. This equates to some 20 thousand appointments in a year. Or a cost avoidance of 1.9 Million euros worth of specialist multi-disciplinary teams’ (consultants, doctors, nurses etc) working hours. As a result of CPASms, waiting lists are being cut down drastically in certain outpatient clinics. In an acute hospital environment this means that the solution is actually improving health outcomes and saving lives. CPASms is currently being rolled-out to all hospitals and clinics that fall under the remit of the Ministry of Health. 


Owner: Jobsplus
Developer: AIS Software

The backbone of the Free Childcare Scheme provided by the Government of Malta is a web-based information system developed by AIS Software. The nationwide system accurately monitors the time spent of over 6,300 children in more than 120 childcare centres, providing 13,000 parents/guardians with a constant reporting service. Through the CIS, Government annually pays over €12 million to Childcare centres. The Scheme has had a net positive effect on the economy, social services and labour market, resulting in: • More mothers are joining the labour market • More parents are furthering their education • The creation of more child supervision and caring jobs • Increased demand for new Childcare centres


Owner: Office of the Prime Minister -
Developer: Exigy Limited

The Office of the Prime Minister, in collaboration with EXIGY, has built the infrastructure to achieve an effective and efficient implementation of a One-Stop-Shop for citizens to improve customer satisfaction through the provision of quality public services. In today’s dynamic environment people have a high demand and high expectations of government customer service. The platform provides a holistic approach to a centralised government service catalogue enabling citizens to have a single point of reference to handle all service requests, while bridging the digital divide through multiple access channels. Through the internal portal, customer care has the necessary tools to track activities and actions created for each service request, enabling a 360 degree view on the citizen’s request and providing a proactive approach across departments and services . provides an enabling technology to implement business transformation within public sector departments. 

Best ICT Academic Dissertation with an eBusiness Theme



Student Name: Emma Megan Tranter

The main objective of this research was to obtain a profound understanding on how Big Data analytics, its benefits, challenges and limitations can impact business performance for companies operating in the iGaming sector. Furthermore, it allowed the identification of the areas that reap the most business intelligence from Big Data for companies. Qualitative research was conducted through a number of face to face interviews in order to understand how companies in the iGaming sector use Big Data analytical platforms to enhance business performance, display their results internally, as well as to gain an insight into how iGaming companies see the future of Big Data and Business Intelligence developing locally. The results showed that iGaming companies tend to prioritize the velocity of data streaming in from all aspects in order to produce real time results, which would improve the overall efficiency of business performance.


Student Name: Nigel Pace

A variety of international case studies showed the successful implementation of big traffic data using technologies, known as ITSs (Intelligent Transportation Systems). This study looked at Transport Malta in order to explore the authority’s goals, current data gathering practices and limitations with regards to big data utilisation. Furthermore, data mining techniques and other statistical analysis were implemented on a real traffic flow dataset comprising of a week-long data-collection exercise at 3 locations. This produced a list of promising correlations and prediction models that demonstrate the practical capacity of big data. Additionally, a performance assessment of two datasets using distinct data collection intervals was performed. This research concludes that there is great potential in utilising big data on a nation-wide scale for assisting in the traffic management of Malta’s roads. Furthermore, it suggests that transport authorities should decide on a clear data gathering criteria for optimum results.


Student Name: Francesca Gauci

Stock market predictability has been a longstanding issue in financial research and practice. This dissertation investigates the possibility of finding patterns within the Maltese stock market using a synthesis of linguistic and statistical methods. In particular, this work applies text mining and machine learning to determine the performance of different supervised prediction models and the predictive power of non-quantifiable news articles for future market movement. Different keyword extraction methods are used to identify terms that provide a clear description of the article content. Each news instance is labelled either as a rise or drop, based on the change in the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) Index. The results of this experiment contribute towards an empirical appraisal of the application of various learning algorithms in correlating news stories with fluctuations in the MSE index. Results were corroborated with experts from the finance domain and it is established that the proposed methodology is substantially reflective of the true dynamics of the Maltese market. 

Best Social Media Campaign (50% People's Choice)



Owner: Etoile Partners Malta
Developer: Eu2017mt

Every Maltese citizen experienced a sense of pride and responsibility as Malta was responsible for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, marking a new chapter in the political history of the EU’s smallest member state. An integrated Marketing campaign was launched so that every maltese citizen and foreigners understand what Malta is achieving during the six-month period. 


Owner: ICON

Suspense took over Malta in May when a snap election was called. Taking advantage of the real-time nature of social media and the in-depth insight provided by Big Data, ICON teamed up with Minely to analyse the key digital aspects which emerged. Steering away from traditional polling methods, big data analysis provided an innovative perspective to understanding social sentiment during Malta’s election. A Machine Learning model was created to cluster and analyse online data to gain an understanding of sentiment towards the political parties. The results were then revealed in a live social media scoreboard on ICON’s website. ICON then provided its own unbiased analysis of the data and on the parties’ online activity. A social media campaign was then created to promote this unique data. The novelty of such research, the timeliness and the insight it provided tied in extremely well with the election fever, generating excellent results. 


Owner: Lovin Malta

Lovin Malta's audacious April Fools' campaign saw the online news and entertainment platform officially registering as a political party and proposing a detailed electoral manifesto that got widespread coverage across national news media. The campaign generated thousands of euros worth of PR space and reached more than 600,000 Facebook users, while capturing the island's attention and positioning Lovin Malta as a legitimate source of political commentary. The 360 campaign combined PR, social media, video, music, radio, social media influencers, web platforms and crowdfunding to create an unforgettable campaign that exceeded objectives despite a zero budget. The campaign also served a social function by raising awareness about important political issues, putting voters directly in contact with candidates in their district and providing a critique of the political parties in Malta, while keeping everything as entertaining as possible.

Best Tech Start Up



Owner: AC ( automatedcontrollers )

Automated Controllers can offer tailor made software and electronic solutions to assist in smart monitoring water and power usage in hotels, farms, large establishments and industry. Created systems are robust, reliable and can work indoors or outdoors. The product help entities to manage and better control the water resource and power utilities in real time, and would therefore reduce costs. In this last year, our product managed to reduce water consumption by a maximum of 25% and power consumption by more than 10% at customer's premises.


Owner: Altaro Ltd

Altaro VM Backup is a hassle-free Virtual Machine backup software solution for Hyper-V and VMware. Our solution is a fast, affordable, is a high performer and is specially developed for small and mid-market businesses. We’ve cut the waste and hassle to give customers an agile, streamlined solution that is easy to implement, feature-rich, backed with an outstanding support as part of the package. The intuitive interface of the solution allows end-users to set up and perform backups and restores easily. Altaro VM Backup is affordably priced (per host and not per socket, CPU or VM) and backed by outstanding support.


Owner: ebo

Whether buying online, planning a holiday or managing finances everyone has to deal with customer service from time to time. An outstanding experience can persuade the customer to keep returning to the brand, being treated badly is likely to put off the customer for life. Online, improving customer-experience has become the mantra of most firms. This opportunity presents itself throughout the customer journey and crosses the disciplines of marketing, sales, and after-sales service. ebo disrupts the costly, legacy-approach to customer service interactions in which humans are tasked to answer repetitive questions. ebo is a chatbot, a lightweight Artificial Intelligence app that runs inside a messenger like Facebook Message and answers users’ questions asked in natural language the way a customer support person would. Its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities are driven by machine learning algorithms, so ebo can get smarter over time.

Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation



Owner: Mater Dei Hospital
Developer: Cursor Ltd

A solution that provided value to all involved, from the patient, to the receiving wards to the administrator. Real time information that made a difference to the holistic care package that Mater Dei delivers.


Owner: Luxembourg Airport
Developer: ICON

Airports are increasingly challenged to improve travellers’ experience and provide innovative solutions to support today’s age of ‘connected travellers. Now that the solution has been deployed, travellers arriving and departing from Lux-Airport will be able to plan their trips better, decide on the best method to get to the airport and optimise their time while at the airport whether it's enjoying a delicious lunch or buying presents for their loved ones. This innovative end-to-end digital solution will give visitors an excellent experience that extends beyond the airport terminal.


Owner: Multigas Limited
Developer: KPMG Crimsonwing

Multigas’ Business Intelligence (BI) system is a custom-built solution that transforms data into actionable intelligence upon which the organisation’s strategic and tactical business decisions can be taken. The BI solution offers various benefits such as cross-functional reporting, accessibility from any device, data security, ease of use, and blazing fast data retrieval and analysis capabilities. Using state-of-the-art technologies, over 10 years of data can now be analysed in minutes. And with the aid of interactive the data visualisation tool in use (Power BI), such intelligence can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Additionally, end-users can also run analyses and create reports and dashboards themselves without having to rely on the IT team, hence, embracing a self-service approach to reports creation. Overall, the implemented BI solution offers a simple way for people to examine data, understand trends and derive valuable insights that was previously not possible