Best Social Media Campaign


50% people’s choice


Best Social Media Campaign

This category seeks to reward the individual or organisation that, in the opinion of the adjudication committee, have managed to nurture an effective online social (community) platform or channel across which online users are able to create, interact, collaborate and share content, whether text, images or video.

Main Adjudication Criteria


Innovative and creative use of technology to enhance the followers’ experience;

Visual Appeal                       

The degree of visual and aesthetic appeal when using the platform or channel;


The scale of follower engagement and interactivity including sentiment indication;


The degree to which the presented content is clear and engaging;

Objective Attainment         

The channel's effectiveness in attaining the objective/s & overall motivation to exploit the power of social media.


Additional Adjudication Criteria


The channel’s user-targeting, ongoing engagement and overall social influence;


The capability to control content, including the process of filtering offensive and inappropriate material;


The capability to monitor, track, report and analyse effectiveness.


This Category will have 50% of the votes coming from public voting. After the Adjudicating Committee, the 3 finalists will be announced on this website and the public will be invited to vote and choose their preference. The winner will be announced on the event night.