Best App



This category seeks to reward the app that, in the opinion of the adjudication committee, best represents a self-contained software application, designed for a specific and focused objective, which can be easily downloaded, over the Internet and, generally, utilised over a mobile device.

Main Adjudication Criteria


The extent to which technology has been applied to promote a unique approach, product, service, idea or concept;

User Experience

The extent to which the app provides users with a unique and beneficial experience through technology;

Value Added

The tangible or intangible benefits that the app provides to its stakeholders.

Additional Adjudication Criteria


The usefulness, relevance and practical application of the app in day-to-day activities;

Visual Appeal

The degree of visual and aesthetic appeal when using the app;


The degree to which the presented content is appropriate, relevant and engaging;

Structure & Navigation

The level to which the information content is organised and prioritised in a user-friendly and intuitive manner;


The widespread use of the app and the potential for stakeholders to share it across the Internet;


The ease with which users can browse through content in order to perform any in-built functionality.