4th Edition (2014)

Winners & Finalists by Category


Best B2B Application

Concessionaire Analyser - Shireburn Software

Shireburn’s Concessionaire Analyzer is the first software solution in the world that allows airports to control, manage, analyze and ultimately boost their non-aeronautical revenues, which today accounts for 44% of airport revenues globally.A world first and already  operational at Malta International Airport, St.Maarten International Airport , Gibraltar International Airport and more recently at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. Through comprehensive data collection of sales Concessionaire Analyzer commands strong reporting capabilities which enable airports to better understand sales and revenue patterns. 


2x Software


Best eGovernment Initiative

eForms - MITA

The eForms platform is the Government‘s central infrastructural building block aimed to enable the migration of paper-based and public-services, traditionally offered through front offices, to electronic means.The platform is a workflow- based application which allows Government to Citizen,vernment to Business and Government to Government interactions 24 by 7 from anywhere with an internet connection. Developed by MITA, eForms provides an unprecedented functionality which allows citizens to view progress at every stage of the application.   

Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

Mothercare - KPMG Crimsonwing

Driven by its vision to offer a world class multi-channel experience to their customers worldwide Mothercare aims to generate significant proportion of total sales by 2015.Committed to reach this target Mothercare International has commissioned Crimsonwing to develop a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform which besides includes all regular functionalities one would except from a premium platform it also incorporates a live chat functionality as well as a ‘collect in store‘ facility. 

Laferla Insurance - ICON

Express Group - ICON

Best Use of the Cloud

eCabs - iMovo

Whilst you may still initiate the taxi booking process through a telephone call, the rest is left to a booking-engine developed by iMOVO, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PBX telephony application. So each time a customer calls the system automatically brings up the relevant customer details. The booking-engine is fully integrated with GPS and google maps technology which enable the tracking of each cab.Using a geo-fencing system a personalised SMS is sent to waiting customers alerting them that a pick-up is imminent.



Best Use of Social Media

Public Broadcasting Services (Eurovision Song Contest) - MPS

Dubbed, the most successful social media campaign by the participating countries during the last edition of the Eurovision, PBS’s innovative approach of using a series of mini competitions managed to engage wide audiences across no less than 63 countries. Using Twitter, Facebook and Youtube the campaign was monitored through various A/B testing in order to optimise efforts and marketing budget spending as the campaign unfolded. The Selfie contest stood out particularly with approximately 35000 unique views and 500 entries who knew that their image would be seen by some 100 million viewers. Surely, this campaign was a feather in the cap of MPS Marketing and Communications.


New York Best - Anchiovy

Best App

Island Hotels (iCaterer) - Mangion & Lightfoot

Thanks to iCaterer app marrying couples can now plan, select and price various wedding catering packages. This very engaging and informative interface provides a step- by- step process for the selection of venue, date, menu and packages.Developed by Mangion & Lightfoot, this app is designed both as a strong brand builder for clients’ usability as well as a business tool where its analytics provide management with information that will enable it to refine its offerings based on customers’ insights.

University of Malta - Alert

General Soft Drinks - Seasus

Most Innovative Solution

Laferla Insurance - ICON

Built on ICON’s award winning SNAP content management system this platform has taken the client’s quotation experience to the next level where users can watch pricing of services changing in real-time thanks to a dynamic quotation and discounting system.Hosting a wide range of insurance products that can be purchased online renewals can be seamlessly effected on line whilst full transaction histories are only a couple of key strokes away. 


eCabs - iMovo

Express Group - ICON

Best MBA Dissertation

Ms Sharon Grima

Winning Solution Writeup

Arthur Gerada

George Spiteri

Best BSC Dissertation

Ms Rachel Bugeja

Winning Solution Writeup

Jessica Montebello

Jean Paul Grech