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ICON Social Media Campaign - Malta Elections Social Scoreboard (2017)


Suspense took over Malta in May when a snap election was called. Taking advantage of the real-time nature of social media and the in-depth insight provided by Big Data, ICON teamed up with Minely to analyse the key digital aspects which emerged. Steering away from traditional polling methods, big data analysis provided an innovative perspective to understanding social sentiment during Malta’s election. A Machine Learning model was created to cluster and analyse online data to gain an understanding of sentiment towards the political parties. The results were then revealed in a live social media scoreboard on ICON’s website. ICON then provided its own unbiased analysis of the data and on the parties’ online activity. A social media campaign was then created to promote this unique data. The novelty of such research, the timeliness and the insight it provided tied in extremely well with the election fever, generating excellent results.

Lovin Malta's April Fools PartitLM Campaign

Lovin Malta

Lovin Malta's audacious April Fools' campaign saw the online news and entertainment platform officially registering as a political party and proposing a detailed electoral manifesto that got widespread coverage across national news media. The campaign generated thousands of euros worth of PR space and reached more than 600,000 Facebook users, while capturing the island's attention and positioning Lovin Malta as a legitimate source of political commentary. The 360 campaign combined PR, social media, video, music, radio, social media influencers, web platforms and crowdfunding to create an unforgettable campaign that exceeded objectives despite a zero budget. The campaign also served a social function by raising awareness about important political issues, putting voters directly in contact with candidates in their district and providing a critique of the political parties in Malta, while keeping everything as entertaining as possible.

Eu2017mt - Etoile Partners Malta

Every Maltese citizen experienced a sense of pride and responsibility as Malta was responsible for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, marking a new chapter in the political history of the EU’s smallest member state. An integrated Marketing campaign was launched so that every maltese citizen and foreigners understand what Malta is achieving during the six-month period.